im from tehran ,iran , i wanna have french friend studying french in university

Welcome to vanoushe :)

I guess you should also post on the french side of the forum

A bientôt,


ah merci beaucoup ..oui je vais voir  le site que tu m'a envoye
est ce que tu as habite en iran avant ?tu connais des gens francais en iran ? j'aime rencontre les gens francais si c'est possible :p
a bientot

Je suis tunisienne et je m appelle meryam, je suis intéressée à faire des amies iraniennes e je parle le français.
Depuis que j ai vu la série de 'Youssef essedik' je voulais connaissance avec les iraniens, j aime beaucoup l actrice Katayoun Riahi.



I am new In Tehran I do speak French, English and Greek also I look to someone friend that speaks also French, I am available at any time if you are still interested for French Friend

Thks Sam


I will be in Tehran beginning Sept, sure I do speak French, then we can contact each other

Thks Sam

Hello navipast :cheers:

For info, this thread has been created in 2011 and been inactive since. If you wish to meet people, I invite you to create a new thread and introduce yourself to our online community.

There is also the francophone version of the Tehran site, where you could also introduce yourself to meet french speaking members.


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