Hello @ll,

I will be moving to Jakarta (KEmang Area) and would like to know your thoughts on which INTERNET PROVIDER to use?

Do you pay per Bank Account on a monthly base (Any data-limit) or do you pay via Pre-Paid Scratch Cards?

Most important is that Skype with Camera should work.

Ofcourse I want to add a WIFI in the house so other laptops/smartphones can browse rhe web.

Thanks for you information,


ISPs are many here. Good ones, less.
Telkom speedy will do the honours if you have a land line and tablets for the headaches their billing department supply free with every subscription.
Loads of local suppliers that don't advertise their services but tend to be faster and cheaper (if not always reliable).
Best way to find them is to knock on the door of a house with one of their dishes and ask.
Mine costs Rp200,000/month with a max 4mb up and down, normal 2mb but, at busy times, none.
Sounds rough but it's common here.

I use SMART USB modem-works on my pc and laptop and the officer at smart will instal it for you and wont charge it.

You can pay it cash at any SMART counter. The connection is very good even when its heavy rain. And you can choose the package based on your need For unlimited connection ,the price is vary starts from IDR 50.000/ month, IDR 75.000/month-I use this :gloria, 150.0000/month, there's other package also but I forgot the detail. I think Smart has rational price compared to other internet profider. Hope this info helps.

Oh I forgot to tell you , the usb modem sold separately and its cost IDR 900.000 when I bought it last year and its worthed because the monthly payment is not expensive compared to other Internet connection and I can stop using their service anytime I want also but I don't think I will tho hehehe I tried FLASH from Telkomsel before and very very disappointed and the costumer service are so not friendly, yes there's SPEEDY but no thanks. Maaf ya @ Mas Fred , Peace peace ;):)

The best ISP for private use is Fastnet by First media. So far i've been using those which mentioned above. The highest quality of service is still fast net. Unlimited for IDR 200K ++(mine).

Fastnet is limited to given areas. Their site is easy to use and will give you all the info you need.

Yes Mas Fred, too bad they have limited access =( . You might want to check their coverage area through their customer service, fieldhouse123

I need internet here but I'm not having a lot of joy.
Smart say they'll test before you buy but don't have anything to test with and speedy are being seriously slow about deciding if there is service in my area, The fact I have a telephone socket and I'm roughly 1km from their head office seems to make things slower.
There are really only two things in Indo that bug me. The other is anything to do with the roads.

Mas Fred where is your location? anyway.. i can't say the ISP provider name here but what you said is true.. i really not recommend to use it. The only advantage that owned by theirs is coverage area.. since they are using phone connection.

Have you tried AHA from Esia? some friends of mine said is the next best thing after Fastnet, although it doesn't have home modem connection yet only mobile, but it surely have quality.

I'm in BSD. I've had speedy in the past and was less than happy but something is better than nothing.
At the moment I'm using IM3. It's reliable but slow.
What I don't want to do is buy a modem for one network, find it doesn't work here, buy another and so on.

About AHA, so far what i learned is they have wide coverage area including BSD, and they have this device, i forgot the name though.. basically it works like shared receiver modem , up to 5 wireless receiver. So the different between AHA's shared wireless modem with home wireless modem is AHA device using prepaid card instead of conventional cable, and can be shared up to 5 PCs/laptops only.

I myself was actually interested to use that device, but since i'm able to use fastnet, i don't think its necessary for now.

The modem/router is a nice idea if it works at a reasonable speed. Forums/emails and so on don't take much to work but skype requires a little more. I upload quite a lot of photos and my wife likes to watch live streaming so that means a lot of data, thus a truly unlimited package.
I seem to think there's a shop near here so I'll have a look later.

I'm using wifi from Telkom. It's really great and fast.

Which one is good at tamarin city.  Even the mobile phone seems to have no coverage over there especially above 10 th floor.

Check to see if first media cable is available.
I'm using it at the moment and it seems reasonable.
It has dropped out from time to time but is generally good.

CBN//First Media is relatively reliable. My dad has been using it for years.

Im using fastnet from first media since 2 years ago, living on 16th floor and has good connection.
Using rooter from tp-link for wifi, cover all of the room about 80sqm. For the payment usually pay by bank account on monthly basis through atm.

I'm recommend using telkom flexi evdo sim card because the cost is very cheap just IDR 50.000 per month, unlimited quota (speed up to 3,1 Mbps) and full signal

I am without cable Internet access as I refuse to own a landline phone that I would never use and First Media are not in my area so that limits the options. Network 3 are useful as are IM3 and Telkomsel. Smart Fren and their 'I hate slow' campaign are slow and I hate that.
If you can get cable access then go with First Media, if I could I would.

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