Homophobia In Ecuador

How homophobic, generally speaking, is Ecuador?  What about homophobia in urban areas vs. rural areas of the country?  I ask because I'm wondering how "open" one can be in Ecuadorian society without fearing for one's life.

Thanks for your response.

We are looking to retire there as well. I am  interested to read your responses.


I am sure others that live in Ecuador who have much more knowledge will chime in.

My Ecuadorian brother-in-law's brother is homosexual, and he never seems to have many problems. He lives in Quito which is a big city. Big of course depending on your view of big. Most cities the world over tend to be more liberal, and more counties, or rural areas tend to be more conservative.

Will say that at my sisters wedding he had a female date. He said it was best to keep the illusion for some of the family. Think he was probably refering to the older generations in his family. To my knowledge there is no homophobia on a large scale. Am sure you'll have some who aren't happy, but that's the world over again.

Like I said. Someone with some more knowledge will probably chime in on the subject

My neighbor is gay and similar to j600rr brother-in-law's brother, his family doesn't know. I see gay/lesbian couples walking hand in hand sometimes in my area and once seen a lesbian couple making out in the park, but no where near the PDA that heterosexual couples often display. The mentality is quite machista, at least in the highlands, so maybe that's why some gay people conceal their orientation from family.

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