Best health insurance for Bali residents?

Hello all, I was wondering what would be the best insurance (cost/benefit) for someone relocating to Bali. Should I stick to a more traditional one or major hospitals in the region will offer a better coverage?
Thank you!

Check out the banks, they all do insurance for locals but their prices are a lot cheaper than expat deals.
Many people claim Indonesian hospitals are rubbish (so they go to Singapore for treatment) but that simply isn't true of the many top quality places in this country.

Indeed I’ve heard about going to Singapore for treatment. Is there any insurance that I could get coverage in Indonesia and Singapore at the same time?

I've used William Russell for all the 19 years I've been living on Bali.  They are excellent and I know a number of other expats who use them as well.

You can deal direct or use a broker such as "Bali Medical Insurance."

You can customize your coverage to suit your needs and any licensed hospital will be covered. 

Once particular great feature is called assignment of benefit.  That means that the hospital will direct bill William Russell during your hospital stay thus avoiding the need for you to hand over your credit card or come up with cash during your hospitalization.

You can get an online quote here: … wtEALw_wcB

Thank you, will definitely check them out. Thank you.

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