I want to work in berlin

I want to work in berlin indian restaurant

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You should create your cv in the Jobs in Berlin section of the website so that recruiters can reach out to you.

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Did you contact suitable restaurants to apply?
What kind of work would you like to do, and do you have the prerequisites for it?
To work as a cook in German needs a German Ausbildung as cook (or recognised foreign equivalent) and a German health certificate.
To work as a waiter requires good German language skills.
To work as a cleaner requires neither certificates not language, but it is difficult to get a visa for such unskilled jobs - and they are badly paid, often do not even get the legal minimum wage.

Hallo ,I am a learner of GERMAN language from kenya now at level B2 ..anybody [good in german]who can volunteer to tutor me online on some topics?

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