looking for a room or studio to rent


I´m a freelance translator (English>Spanish), Spanish tutor and writer and would like to find a room or studio to rent in a central location of Panama city. I currently live in el Dorado. If you happen to know of a well lit, clean, safe, smoke free place, please do let me know.

I don´t smoke, don´t drink and lead a very peaceful life. Thanks!

Hello Annegra,

Please drop an advert in the Housing in Panama section of the website so that you might find a room/studio.

All the best,

Hi Bhavna,

I couldn´t post there! It just gives me the option to post if I am renting or selling. Please advise.




Hi Annette,

Click "for rent" if you want to rent a room. Follow the instructions. Choose the option "looking for an accommodation".


Thank you

I had a similar ad in this forum with no luck. Had great luck with craigslist

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