Is Medical required for an GCC Residing Expat

Hi Friends,
I'm an Expat currently living in Kuwait. I got an opportunity in Oman, Do I need to do Medical?
The HR of the Oman company says for the expat Residing in GCC does not require to do medical. Is it like that. After coming to Oman do I need to do medical again there. HR says my employment clearance is done, is it possible to check that online myself.
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Whatever instructions are given to a would-be employee / expat employee by the company representative - H.R. / PRO / Sponsor must be followed.

Since no one else but them would know the exact status of the candidate's employment status, it is better not to question their advice.

Moreover, it is only them who would be liaising with the government officials on behalf of the candidate. So only they would be the best ones to trust.

Mostly, the expatriate candidates have little or no say in anything official. That is how the system works in the Sultanate.

Thank you..

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