After NOC new visa days

Dear sir, can any one help me on my doubt!

Actually I have worked in short term project (4months)in Oman and deu to completion of my project I came back to India my company has cancelled my visa and also provided me NOC. Because I found another opertunity in different company in Oman itself. So I have submitted my NOC to new employer before I comeback to India.they have applied for new visa.
Now my question is..,how many days it will takes for getting new employer visa?is there any delay can be happen cause of NOC compare with normal visa process, or within 45days can I receive visa?
Can anyone suggest on this pls.

Hi iammahesh,

If the company has the required labour clearance then an employment visa can get issued within just a couple of days.

All the details are already available on the forum. So please help yourself.

Sumitran sir,

Thank you very much for your valuable information.

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