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I want to come Malaysia in visit than I want work in malaysia as a fresher .I can apply visa work permit my self or I need agent to do this for job and everything

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I invite you to have a look at our articles in the Expat guide here :

Work in Malaysia

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1. You need a job offer so that the employer can apply for the employment pass
2. Freshers are not usually considered - must have 2 years relevant experience
3. Only a few sectors offer jobs to foreigners (the rule is a Malaysian can't do the job)
4. The processing of a EP requires you to remain in your country
5. Clearances are done once approval by immigration has been obtained by the employer
6. Indian nationals require a medical, security clearance and a SEV (single entry visa provided by the Malaysian Consulate.
7. There are job scams in Malaysia, so be careful, especially if an "employer or agent" asks for money
8. Don't enter Malaysia without all the items completed in 6. above - the latest scam is to lure people into the country and never apply for an EP for them

Is the Rehiring Program in Malaysia applicable to foreigners outside Malaysia? If so what are the process and how much will be the expenses to apply for visa? Thank you for those who will reply!

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