Moving from india to Malaysia need help ???

I am from India ( Hyderabad).My husband is a senior test engineer ( Having 5 Years experience in Testing) .He got job offer from his current company in india ( satyam ).They are sending him to Kaulalmpur ( Cyberjaya) for 1 Year Project.

I have some few questions.

We r family of three .Me & hubby with one year old baby.

He got offer of 8000RM.  pls let me know the Tax deduction on this.i have read in net as initial 28% tax for foreigners??? is that true? after 6 months what is the Tax rate for 8000 Ringgits salary?

i have gone through the flats rates in cyberjaya? that is 1500-1800 Rm furnished nearly 3000 RM will go for total Expenses( incl grocery ,houserent, etc ....).

In india we are getting 65000 INR is a takehome our expences is 20000 we are saving 45000 INR per month.....

According to ur suggestion we can accept the malaysia offer we have one week time...Pls reply ASAP.....

I am interested to settle in Malaysia.........from india we are not getting direct job offers from malaysia  we will come to malysia through satyam company after 1 year we can search the job in malaysia we can shift from satyam company . my husband can get job easily in malaysia.....Is that possible in malysia? is there any legal rules for changing company? pls let me know?

waiting for ur reply........Thanks in advance


Hi Swathi,

I think legally there will be no issues in shifting a company,  Ur hubby needs to check if the contract with his currently employer allows him to change jobs and there is no bond or any other clauses that will stop him from moving.

Regarding 3000RM for surviving I Believe u can surely Manage. Another suggestion is to take a unfurnished apartment and u will save about 700 RM everyone month and u can buy just what is required for the house.

Hi Saraswathi..

I'm not sure about how much deduction for the tax but if you're telling that your husband will get RM 8000/month, that's a pretty good offer.
and I agree with Bharatsamant...try to find unfurnished apartment or try to get a house outside Cyberjaya like Serdang/Sri kembangan/Kajang.

Hello Saraswathi,

From whatever I know, 8K is a decent salary. If you are careful on the housing part (which is going to take a large portion of the sal) it should be OK. If you have to put the kid (may be next year) in a pre-school or playhome, things might get a bit tight, so got to save from day 1 :) All the best.

I am from Hyderabad too. When I came to KL after marriage, my husband was earning 8k as well and it quite sufficient. Malaysia is a great place to be. Dont just look at the financial aspect. The exposure and experience will be invaluable.

well you dont get a house in cyberjaya you could get one in puchong where you can get an unfurnished condo for RM1000 and you can save RM7000 which onli 15 mins drive from cyberjaya. let me know if you are intrested i have a unit there 3bedroom and 2 bath.


I am Ratna from Hyderabad,a guy with around 3 Yrs of Experience in IT field.

Recently got an offer in KL for 8500 RM.

In india i live with my parents and My take home Salary is 60k and  i am able to save around 50k at home.

Do you think i can accept the offer or should i ask for more salary ?? If so pls suggest me a good figure.

I am person with a decent life - style .

Could you please help me out with following details.

1) What would be the rough cost of living in Malaysia for a single Person per month (sharing Basis) ?

2)Average salary per month that would be enough to live a decent life.

Thanks a lot in Advance.

i m from India. but my husband job in malaysia. company give his 6 months work permit. but job is not satisfied so i want his job provide those countery.there he live. i want to be satteld himself. pls advice me what to do?


   my self dr.venu i got ajob offer in kuala lumpur with         10000rm..and i want to know about tax deduction.nd planning to go with my wife she is bds from india,is there any job vacancies for dentist and how much they pay for it worth going there please give me suggestions as soon as possible so that i can decide it as early... thanku

hi all, there seem to b some common questions here. let me see if i can help.

8-10k is good in malaysia if u r married and no school going kids. for 10k salary, u can expect about 1500 to b cut for tax. there r very few ways to avoid tax in malaysia.

in terms of monthly expenses, i would suggest setting aside 2000 for accomodation. 1000 for groceries. 600-700 for a normal local malaysian hatchback car. 400 for electricity, water and internet. add 1000 for other misc expenses. basically about 5000 myr. so u should save the rest after taxes.

bear in mind that if u live an absolutely simple life, u can drop ur expenses to even 4k.

single guys can save more on accom as there are many single men in kl who are willing to share condos.

malaysia is a great place to live. a lot less polluted and crowded than india. and its a good experience. enjoy yourselves.

thank u for ur valuable suggestion ....and i want to know more details about dentistry over there me md my wife both are dentist ...i got job offer in mahsa dental there ny possibility of getting job to her in dental clinics...nd wat was the timings of dental clinics nd wat was da procedure to get job to her... plz give me suggestion

to start, its generally not easy to get a job in kl for expats. but doctors and dentists are professions which are in demand, i hear. but apply, might get lucky.

i am going malasia in multiple visa , after i will search a good job can i get

What is your line of work?

logistic coordinator, admin assistant, Store supervisor

may i now ur name n contact num pls

asiefhaseer :

logistic coordinator, admin assistant, Store supervisor

Sorry buddy.. Not to discourage you but the fact is that with the kind of job experience that you have mentioned, it will be very very hard for you to find a job here. You need a special skill set to be able to win the job over from the locals.
Or best option is to get a job arranged thru your friends or relatives who might be living here already.

I have a situation :D

Actually started working in KL from Jul 1st 2013 and I see by Dec 31 it comes to 184 days. So I understand I will be a Tax Resident for this year and can avail the refund.

But the problem is  I will be going back to India permanently by Jan 2014. My question - can I still file 'returns' and get back my money even I am no more in Malaysia?

Also between this period if I travel to India less than 14 days ,
will that be counted and comes to 184 days ?

Hi Friends...I am having around 7 yrs of IT industry experience in Java technologies and I am looking to visit Malaysia for job search.
what are the chances to get a job there and how much time it will take.


send your resume to maneeshjd[at]


Hi I am working in Oman from Past 5 yrs i want to relocate to Malaysia or Singapore reason is career growth i am in IT field as a customer support Engineer i am getting good package but i am not happy with my career growth please can any one suggest me how to get job in Malaysia or Singapore.

Hi Guys
I have 3 year experience in digital media marketing
SEO and Social media &website industry
looking for an opportunity in Malaysia

Hi all,

I'm going to marry in Nov14. My would be in Malaysia penang.I'm also willing to work in malaysia. I'm searching the jobs in website also. Can anyone please help me out to get a job in software side.?Currently i'm working in TCS and work experience is 2yrs in java and .net.  Please reply anyone...

meena, doesnt tcs have a branch in kl? i heard satyam has an office. maybe u cud start from there. try getting a job from india itself.

Just my two cents here.. While we were in Chennai, my wife was working for TCS.. Singapore and Malaysia works were being channelized to them for reasons I am not aware of..Things may be different now, but checking with Satyam is a better idea..!

Tcs is there in kl. But i need job in penang or nearby penang...can any one please help me to get a job?

that would be incredibly tough. where in penang?

Anywhere in penang is ok...

Hello Meena2009.

Have you tried to post an advert in the Jobs in Malaysia section. It shall help.


Karen :)

Ok i will try in that one.

Hi I am Nikhil from Hyderabad, India
I am having 3years of experience in financial services ( Non banking finance company) as an Branch Manager. I have done my Post graduate diploma in management in finance.

Now I want shift to Malaysia on job. Can anybody please tell me how to find job in malaysia from India and also please tell me about the current job market situation in malaysia.

Is there anybody to help me in finding job in malaysia?

Hi Nikhil,

Can you please just mention what kind of job are you looking for.. a job as an accountant ?

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi Maximilien
Well I am looking a job in financing side ( Giving Loans). As I am having 3 years experience in Approving loans such as home loans, Business loans, car loans etc

Hi nikhil2224,

Please feel free to post man advert in the Banking, finance and accountancy jobs in Malaysia section, this might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


I am looking for I.T. jobs, I have  years of experience in Java, PHP and Oracle Development.

Hi David I have seen Jobs section but there are no jobs which are similar to my profile.

Dear Carlyle

You are doing a great job. Would be great if you could help me:

1) I am from India. I have got an offer of total 16,000 MYR (including housing)- no car allowance....wanted to understand  that is the salary good for a middle management position in Corporate Finance/ investment banking in KL or I am being valued less? I have 6 years exp in M&A and investment banking.

I am married- my wife is a home maker and child is 3 months old- would prefer a 2 bedroom condo in Mt.Kiara and will require a car to travel.

2) Child education is atleast 2-3 years away  but should I negotiate any education allowance with the Company?

3) I am being offered a 2 year contract role as an expat and after that be considered for a permanent role- is it a norm for expats ( contract)?- please suggest

4) How much does it cost to hire a car for a year?

Would be great if you could or any formu members could reply little early on this as I need to have some figures to negotiate next week.


Hi ibankerr
Is there any other opportunities in Corporate banking or investment banking?
I am having 3 years experience as an branch manager in financial services.

Hi , good to have international exposure and to Malaysia . The. Salary of 8000 gross , deduct tax ( check our LHDN web site ) , monthly rental , food , utilities , phone bill as your budget expenses , your kids education , any learning school ? Medical ? Transport ( car , petrol etc maintenance. )

Hi Patricia,

I am being offered now total 17k MYR. No car allowance and my kid is 3 months old so havent negotiated for a school fees....(should I do? kid will go into an international school only after 2-2.5 years....any suggestions?)......the initial deposit of house will be paid by the Company....though I will pay the rent..........

Kindly advice on school fees considering the above situation....


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