Real help obtaining a visa.

Does anyone know of any reputable person or company who can sponsor a foreigner for a long term or social visa. I found one called ALP Consulting and they want me to send them $1200.00 upfront before they do anything. And they insist I apply for a retirement visa.
I just want to see if there are any other options. I know the requirements for a retirement visa but I do not want to apply for a retirement visa until I am there. Any solid suggestions or recommendations would be appreciated.
If I return there using a VOA I will have to leave after 60 and I’m trying to avoid that. Thanks.

First - The free VOA isn't extendable so you only have 30 days, that including the arrival date.
There used to be a 30 day paid VOA that was extendable but I have no clue if it's still available.

The US$ 1,200 is about Rp16 million, not all that much money here and you have to have a sponsor to stay over time, even using 60 day sosbud visas.
I'm unsure exactly what happens to a sponsor if you commit a crime, serious or even just an overstay, so I can't be sure how much value for money you're getting.

I'm wondering if I should set up a travel agency as I only need a couple of customers each month to make up what I'm working hard for at the moment. Interesting idea.

Yeah maybe you should.  Have you ever heard of the consulting company I mentioned?

Never heard of them but that's hardly a surprise as there are so many and I have no need of them anymore.

Their site is honest and tells you about potential extras, something missing from some other companies.

Their office is in an expensive area of Jakarta, not a grotty
back street somewhere.

Their site dates back to 2010, something that suggests they're a forward thinking company as internet take up here was tiny until a few years ago.

First glance - They look fine but books and covers.

Thanks for checking at least.  I was given another company in Bali but they have an office in Yogyakarta and a friend of mine there checked them out they seem ok. I wrote to them and got a quick response and they gave me 3 choices instead of just a retirement visa.
They offer something called the telex visa which I never heard of.  I’m going to see what I find out about that. Their price is $400 which is not too high.

Regarding the visa where you pay $35 on arrival Is still applicable . If you pay for the visa then you can get another moth extension. Just have to go the embassy and pay another 300000 rupiahs. You can get an extension for another month . It’s easy to get that extension if you have a sponsor. I am currently staying in Jakarta till end of the month on the extended visa .

Visa are sent by telex to the Indonesian embassy of your choice.
It's the time and ability to renew you need to care about.

Hello can you please send me the information about the telex visa for $400 .

It should be noted for the sake of clarity, none of the above allow work of any sort.

Just saw your message Maneshkool.  I am communicating with them now let me see how it goes to make sure they are legitimate.  I should know something concrete by this Friday.  If all good I will give you the information.

A telex visa is issued once you have provided the relevant government departments with the correct paperwork and immigration agrees with it. A telex visa is then issued and you need to take that all the required paperwork that you need to support to the said visa for the process to be completed. You should ideally then check the embassy website where you wish to complete the visa process. This process can take a day or 2.

Took them two months + just to process the single entry work visa.  :(

Now still have to go immigration to get the KITAS.

i have obtained my KITAS pensionado while staying for 2 months holiday in Jakarta. I used an agent to do all the work, is around 1100 euro.
You can arrange some administration on the forehand.

They telex Jakarta.then get it back..think then u go to Singapore to come back..with your Social visa...been a WHILE.CHEERS.Gets u 6 Months.//2 mths..then renew 4 times.

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