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This is Shivaji & I'm from India. I’m single and would like to bring my dependent parents over to Jakarta, Indonesia for as long a term as possible. Could you please guide me on the possibilty of that and how to apply for the visa. I have the following questions:

Do I have to apply in the Indonesian immigration office or in Embassy of Indonesia in India?

What is the maximum time they can stay with me?

Thanks in advance for your co-operation and support.

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Hello Shivaji,
Your parents can apply for a retirement visa if they are over 56 years old. It costs 7jt/year a person. they will need to prove they each employ one person in Indonesia (KTP copy), a document from the bank showing they have enough money or that they receive a pension and a contract for renting a place in Indonesia (even if they stay with you, they need this), they will have to pick up the retirement kitas from an Indonesian consulate outside the country. My mom just moved here with us in Bali, I would think it must be the same, good luck!

hello izzybali,
i work in Medan,same situation looking for bringing my mom here, along wife n kid. i applied n gettin a social visit visa( budaya visa-2months. May u let me know what this visa number name if dun mind so i try it...
thx n very useful info.

Hi Shivay -- I know this post is pretty old but I am keen to know what are the options:

the link above suggests to have an Indonesian (with national ID) be a sponsor. I want to bring my parents for 3-6 months ..

Kindly advise..

- Amit

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Seriously have you even tried to contact your embassy and asked them? Whilst we can give general advice, we cant just come up with specifics like yours. Ask them.  They will know.

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