Returning to Ireland and PPS number

Hello everyone,
my name is Martina, I'm Italian but living in Turkey at the moment. I've been living and working in Ireland for 4 years some time ago and now I'm thinking to go back.  When I left I remember having retrieved my taxes and probably my pps number too, so, does anyone know if in this case I should follow the usual procedure and get a new pps number, or do something else?
Thanks for any advice

Hi Martina,

No PPS Number is a little bit like the equivalence social security number. It's bound to you for life so you won't need a new one.

However, as soon as you found a new accommodation when you come back, make sure to update your address. You will probably have to go on and to ask that they send you over a letter with a new pass-code etc to your new postal address once you're back.

For job hunting, you're ready to roll as you already have a PPS number so you won't have to be bothered by emergency taxes etc. You won't need either a P45 as you were abroad when you left first time.

You'll need just your address to be updated as you'll be stuck otherwise for creating a new bank account unless you still have the one you had 4 years ago :D

Welcome back soon I suppose ^^

Best of luck for settling back.

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

Great, thanks very much for your answer Portgas :) I was afraid I would have to give taxes back or staff like that ... but no, it's lot easier :)

All the best


Indeed. It definitely is ^^
You're very welcome.

Good luck to you too.

Kind regards,

Portgas D. Ace

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