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Hello I am Indian, I am staying in Jeddah. I am on my free visa. Because of current situation of job problems I would like to go back to India. I asked for a final exit from my sponsor. My iqama is valid for 5 months and passport is valid. If my sponsor gives me a final exit on today can I go back to India in the very next day or not. Because I want to know when I can book a ticket at the earliest. Thank you. Pls reply your valuable comments.

Yes as soon as you have the final exit visa you can leave the country at any moment upto 2 months !!

hi i have a bad situation that i wanna clear to know about it. im from philippines i work in jeddah last september i inform my boss to have a final exit on november then i finish my contract he said i go center of december. but sadly last sunday my iqama has stolen.  should i can still go back to my country even if my iqama has lost?? i will wait the answer :( )

Your question isn’t clear..... do you have the final exit ?? If yes, it doesn’t matter to have iqama or not !!

i dont know if i have already a final exit as long as we inform already last september 2017, that we request a final exit supposed to be november.

And whats about my case iqama expire kafil masasa in red ni haroob no kharooj how i go back

i think you should surrender your self in pakistan imbassy for your safety

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