Renewal of iqama while im outside the kingdom.

Good day fellows, hope all is well. I am a nurse that working in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Is it possible that our company can renew my iqama ao i can extend my exit re entry visa, cause i have to stay longer due to emergency reason. Thank you.

iqama renewal while outside the kingdom is not possible. MOI system will not allow any transaction if the alien is not in KSA.

Thanks for the earliest response bro. Why the others says that is it possible even im out of the kingdom. Or this is applicable for family dependent only?

base on experience, i believed there`s no exemption, whenever you are outside the kingdom your iqama cannot be renewed.

if you can inbox me your iqama number then ill show you the message appearing in the Ministry of interior website. (its always shows "the alien is outside the kingdom")

alakdan ;)

HI can you help me ALAKDAN? 
I'm confused some people say you can renew while dependent is outside of KSA?
Can u check with my number? I don't know how.  Thanks so much

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