Setting up company in Mauritius by foreigner/s

Hi, This is Nili from India and I am exploring Mauritius to set up my business and work from there itself. I am self employed and provide financial advisory and fund management service, catering clients internationally.  I am looking for information on the total cost and procedure of company registration along with processing visa under expat quota for its owners and main employees in order to stay and run operations from Mauritius. So far I understand that the cost of company registration is around Rs. 3000/- and one of the directors of the company should be a resident of Mauritius.

Look forward to your support.

Mind you. If setting up a company in the field of activities you described,  you will need special licenses from the Financial Services Commission (FSC). You will only be able to get residency permits once the FSC has given its approval. There is a specific procedure for this and certain comfort (expertise, investment, infrastructure, etc.) will have to be provided in a well documented manner.

You will need to master the overall procedure and system - or hire a local professional to undertake that for you.

Thanks Nadeem for the info. Yes you right about me mastering the overall procedure and am trying to do that.  local professional chanrge a lot. I am aware of the license requirement.

Any idea on the overall cost from registration, licensing to getting residency permits for at least two directors?

Thanks again.

Residency permit fees (for a 3 year permit) : MUR20,000 per main applicant  + MUR5,000 per dependent.

LIcensing and registration will depend on the categories of licenses you will register for. You may check

You have licenses and their costs here

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