Visa expiration ?

I came on tourist visa and it's expiring very soon. What happens if my visa expires and i don't leave Mauritius? Is there a  fee or jail time?

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Well you will be illegal and be sent back with a red stamp on your passport.

What you could do is try to extend your tourist visa....if you have not already done so. This part should be simple.

What are you into here ? I mean are you working ? you starting a business ?

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Sorry, there are no red stamps on Passport in Mauritius.  If you don't have the precise information, please do not give advice.  This has an impact on people's life !

If you haven't exceeded the maximum limit of 180 days a year, then ask for an extension  (in Port Louis office).
Else, the immigration will look for you and ask you to leave. If they can't find you, they'll wait until you present yourself at the departure counter some day... they will issue a Refusal to entry which means you won't be allowed to enter the country again, unless you make a procedure to clear this.

Here's how to extend your visa:

(1)  Check number of days given at arrival
(2)  Determine how many days left (180 days for tourist visa and 120 days for business - in a year)
(3)  Determine the date you want to leave according to days left in (2) above
(4)  Buy a return ticket to match the date you want to leave
(5)  Get an accommodation letter and/or hotel booking
(6)  If accommodation letter, then have the landlord's ID Card and recent utility bills
(7)  Show your financial means (credit card, bank statement, etc.)
(8)  Bring all of this to the Immigration Office, Mezzanine Floor, Sterling House, Port Louis
(9)  Fill in the form there and submit to the officer at the Visa Extension Department

Hope this helps!
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                   I think you may well work in office immigration as you an encyclopedia of information regarding immigration and Visa extension. Well Keep it up. see you soon

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Lol no. I just have more than 20 years of experience in the field and almost everyday in contact with the authorities!
I take your comment as a compliment.

And this is the right time to offer a cup of coffee...!


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thanks for the full detailed information.

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I know when we had our elderly mother recently come from the UK to Mauritius, her passport was stamped with 60 days, when my husband questioned it he was told the new regulations say UK passports can only be stamped up to 90 days, but they usually just do 60 days and that we could extend but just 7 days before the 60 days ran out.

We went to the Immigration office 10 days before her 60 days ran out and were told to come back in 3 days when there was only 7 "legal" days left for her to be in the Country. They were very helpful and friendly, we had all the correct paperwork as detailed on their website except a letter from my husband, which had to say that he would be financially responsible for her and that she was covered by medical insurance.

They then extended her stay for a further 120 days making a total of 180 days.

Can you imagine your mother in law staying with you for 6 months ;) And she loved Mauritius so much she wants to come back but when there is no snow !!!

That's wonderful. Yes the officers at the Immigration are very helpful...until you try to fool them!

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My visa is expiring soon.. I think on tursday. Is there a a way I can extend and where? And do they have a few am supposed to pay?thanks in advance!

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Visa extension is free of charge. You should go to Sterling house,  Port Louis. Else refer to post #4 above where you'll find answer to your question.

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You can extend your visas by giving valid reason for your stay ,if possible a friend recomendations and money to spend.


Mambo Vipi Nasra,

All you have to do is

1 get a flight booking with new return date or extend your ticket
2 get poof if accommodation,  you can go with rental agreement  and original bills of water or electricity or telephone
3 proof of funds to continue staying, a bank statement from Kenya or here, or a letter of your host (you can go with them)
4. Take all original documents to Immigration Office, Mezzanine Floor, Sterling House, Port Louis,  including your passport
5 present your case. It is free of charge. maximum stay is 180 days for business visa and tourist visa per year

I did it for me and my son while we were waiting for the permits. It took me 20 minutes.

Do it before your current visa expires, otherwise it will depend on who you meet at the immigration office.

Thank you for your mail.

I already exited to Madagascar and will be coming back with business visa tomorrow.

Br ,Nasra

When you get back get the longest visa you can 90 days. Safe trip.

Yes ... I hope so.

This is a pretty old thread but I was wondering if the rule for extending your visa to 180 days is still operative?

Can we still easily extend our tourist visa at the immigration office as mentioned above?

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could you please send me your contact e-mail and skype.
I have some questions and you might be able to help me if you wish so.
I am planing to apply for Retirement permit the next week. So any help will be appreciated.

I have a friend who stay in Mauritius n his visa was expired he is a bangladeshi.can he apply visa n come again

Hi nadeem i need some information how can contact u

If someone stay more than 7 months in Mauritius without visa..what r the procedure to clear this prblm...any solution

He might probably get a Refusal to entry when he leaves... if the Immigration happen to get hold of him before he leaves, he will be deported. Staying 7 months without visa is a criminal offense. If Immigration Officers catch him now, he will be detained until someone pays his return ticket. You better rush and get him a ticket as soon as possible. You can consider the matter as urgent in these circumstances.

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