Moving to Sanur

Hi there

I am from the UK - currently in Borneo but will be moving to Bali in Jan/Feb 2018.

I was looking to stay in Sanur and am looking to rent something long term - I have looked on a few websites and the prices seem to be generally quite high (higher than what i pay in borneo for a 2 bedroom apartment)

Just wondered if anyone had any suggestions on how to find cheaper accommodation? i dont need a villa with a pool

Also looking for a good gym in the Sanur area - preferably a hotel gym with pool, sauna etc. apart from the sanur paradise plaza if anyone has any ideas please let me know



OLX and Kaskus, ignoring anything posted by a money grabbing, hyperinflated estage agent.
Also google, "rumah desewa <area>.
If it's in $, forget it.

thanks fred

Try speaking with Paramartha at the Laghawa Hotel on Jl Danau Tamblingan. Not sure if they still rent out their small villas long term. Bit of a long shot really but you never know unless you try. Don't know if he is still around either :)

Hi.. Please Check your message. Thank you

If you're looking for a good deal, NEVER use an estate agent.
Face to face with the owners is far better and there's no middleman taking cash.

I moved to Sanur 2 months ago from HKG  (see my profile)
All prices I found on the net  were "tourist prices", when on "recon" mission in Sanur, tried a few agencies, most ridiculous prices (300 M per year..)
Found something nice, with pool, in a small resort not far from Mertasari Beach, and within my budget thanks to our driver that we knew from a Kuta hotel.
Is about 10 / 15 min by bike to Sanur "centre".

thanks - did you find an apartment ? or villa? how much do you pay...if you don't mind me asking ?

It is difficult to give you advice if you want cheap accommodations if I don’t know your budget.  I also know a good gym but it is expensive.  I have lived in Sanur for 2 years so I could make a few suggestions if I knew your price range for each, accommodation and gym.


Sesetan is an area in Bali isn't far from sanur and you will get good offer for a month for a rent room with all good facilities like ac, hot water, wifi and including bed, tv, bathroom inside your room, washtafel and water and electric around 1.600.000 - 2.000.000

And you can rent a car or motorbike
Motornike around 500.000-1.000.000 each month.

Hope its help
If you need more information please email me.

Thank you

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