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Dear all,

Hopes never dies, I lost my job in india because I resigned before gamca medical report declared & lost offer for UAE also due to hepatitis b positive, im jobless for the last three months. I want your suggestions that can I try for African countries. This is the last hope I am looking forward. Does African countries also ban hep b positive. I am very depressed. Please help.
Zahid Hussain

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Hi Zahid,

Your topic has been moved on the Expatriates forum. Maybe you could specify the country where you would like to live?

Thank you,

You are Indian citizen according to your profile.
So why don't you try to work in India? Your home country is usually easiest, because you don't need a visa and you cannot be rejected.
Most of Africa suffers from high unemployemnt, poverty and bad government. I don't think job chances for foreigners are good anywhere on the black continent, but you may read the various country sub-forums to find out more.

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