Iam an indian working in KSA since 10 years in poultry processing field.

Ive been offered a job in oman( sinaw) in the same field with a salary of 750 RO (omani riyals) Plus accommodation , Medical insurance for family.

My question is that with this salary can i survive and save  which is the main aim for an expatriate, my family will be living with me including a son who will be studying in 11th std.

I also want to know if there is any school in sinaw or nearby sinaw with CBSE curriculum .

Kindly let me know the fee structure for grade 11.

I shall be highly obliged if i would be furnished with details of my queries.


Hi Farazk,

SInaw is an ancient, remote and small town located closer to the Wahibha Sands. The ancient desert dwellers (Bedouins) visit the souq weekly to buy and sell goods, which is perhaps the biggest highlight of this small town.

The salary which you have quoted would be comfortably sufficient to live there. But what would be uncomfortable is the quality of life for expatriates there.

So better come prepared to lead a life of quiet isolation, far removed from any trappings of modernity.

Also, as in the other parts of the Sultanate, the locals (Omanis) and the expatriates do not mingle or mix freely, which would further compound the concerns mentioned earlier.

Regarding the Indian Schools available in or around Sinaw and the fee structure, you need to look up the Indian Schools website for accurate and the latest updates.

Thanks a lot for the detailed information. Will follow up as you advised.

One more doubt is there my employer is asking me to send my original Degree certificate for taking out the job visa, so is it compulsory to send the original Degree for the said purpose.


Hi Farazk,

Sending any original document is not a good idea and is fraught with risks.

You must speak with your prospective employer about it and see if they can give you any guarantee that you would receive them back at the earliest and intact.

And, god forbid, if your original certficates get misplaced or lost then what happens and who would take the responsibility ?

There are many posts on the forum on this subject. Please read them for your own good.

Thanks a lot brother.  :)

As i mentioned earlier about my salary  (750) Ro , medical insurance, accommodation.

For this the post they have offered me with this salary is of quality supervisor in a poultry company. Please let me know whether as per the omani labour rules is this salary appropriate  for the post of supervisor.


Hi Farazk,

Omani Labour Laws specify a minimum salary - but only for the Omanis.

Expatriates are entirely left to the mercy of their sponsors / employers, who would decide how much they want to pay / compensate an employee for their services.

I would urge you to please take some effort to read the other pertinent posts on the forum, so that you gather the needed information without asking, since they are already available : … 75#3952823

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