Repayment when resigning within 1 year

Dear all,

I would like to ask is it compulsory for an expats to pay back all the expenses of moving the expats to the Philippines to the company when the expats resign within 1 year? This happen to me in my previous company where I need to pay USD 1500 to the company when I resign after 3 months of service with them. Hope anyone could clear my doubt

The answer would depend on the policies of the company you were employed by.  Also, what was the terms of your employment before you came to the Philippines and did you sign a contract?   If your agreement with your employer was to complete at least 1 year of employment and you quit after 3 months, then you obviously did not live up to the terms of your contract.  As a result, I think you owe your employer the repayment of your  moving expenses.

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