i need pet

hi everyone,

in PNG have people sell a dog? Like german shepperd or rottweiller. If have people sell please contact to my email. Thank you.

Hello Robin good day and I hope you are enjoying your staying here in PNG.

Your post is quite general if you can be specific to which location you are looking to by a dog from. I notice you are in Goroka well in anycase I would think the best place is to first check is the RSPA-veterinary clinics if Goroka have one. I found this link link, help https://oc2o.com/en/pg/papua-new-guinea … on=goroka. You can use google to help you look for other link into purchasing a pet. As for german sheppard, I heard you can buy from guard dog too. Not sure but work checking. I hope you find this all information helpful.
Enjoy your stay.

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