Rottweiler's in POM?

Hi all,

My wife would love a Rottweiler, she has had them before and we are looking to get a dog here in Moresby.
Does anyone know where we might be able to source one (preferably puppy) in PNG?
Have tried getting on to Guard Dog Security but no luck yet!
Any advice or information would be great!
Thanks, Pete

Hi Pete,

I owned a 4 year old female Rottweiler/Blue Heeler mix breed and heard some pure Rottie breeders here in Lae but havent met one.. I got a pup before from Guard Dog but unfortunately he died when he was 4 months old due to Parvo virus.  I let you know as soon as I meet the breeder..



Hi Don,

thanks very much for your reply.
I'd appreciate any information on breeders you might come across. I know my wife in particular would be very happy to find a Rottie here in PNG!

I see this message is two months old, we are wondering if you found a puppy?
If not, does it need to be a pure breed puppy and are you still looking?


Hi my name is Carl my bor lives there he due not have rockweers but he has pure bred dobermenpichers he bich not long had puppy's if u like can give u his number I know to import your Owen dog it can cost u to 8000 k and he only won't expats to owne them there he's had 10 puppies and thee only about three weeks old


If you have any rottie pups for sale any time between now and January, please email me and let me know.

Kind regards.


Have you found a rotty yet? 


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