My wife and I would like to adopt a child from PNG.  We are Australians but live in PNG and will eventually take the child with us back to Australia.  Has anyone got any advice about how we can do this? Is it difficult in PNG?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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I have never heard of adoption agencies in PNG. But I believe you can check out local churches or NGO's taking care of women and children. For instance, Port Moresby City Mission. Kaugere Living Light Four Square Church in Port Moresby. You can ask for Ps Arthur. I believe he might assist you accordingly or may have more information regarding your queries. Hope that helps.

Try Check.

Papua New Guinea’s Adoption Authority

Office of Child Welfare,
Department for Community Development
Sanbra Haus
P.O. Box 7354
Boroko, NCD
Papua New Guinea
Tel: 675-325-9893

I am okay , but i  had been working in PNG since 2008 . So i want member to submit only.

Thank you for the reply, I'll give them a call and see what they say. 

The Australian government said we MUST have a court order from the PNG National Court for the adoption, rather than the District court (which is easier here in Tabubil) if we want to bring the child with us to Australia.  If only there were some sort of agent to help!



I hope you are wel. I too would like to adopt from PNG. Have you had any updates? Thank you very much.

Hi Cambodia7,

I see your email is from Feb, 2013 so hope this information is still relevant and helpful for you.
Please consider two websites with basic information which i came across while helping out a friend with adoption stuff in PNG.; and

Would love to know how you went and Amy contacts. Would also like to adopt in PNG.

Hi if you are interested in adopting a child from PNG then email me bluebay718[at]


We have adopted successfully now. Daughter is now an Australian citizen! You need a good lawyer and help from the OCW link above. The OCW are underfunded and their phones don't work all the time. PM me if you need advice.



Dear Cambodia,  i am from Kenya and i want to adopt a child. The real parents wants to give her away because they cant afford to raise the baby who is 7months old. Kindly advise on the procedure. Thanks!

Dear Cambodia7,

Congratulations on your successful adoption! I would like to PM you for more information about the process. I am interested in adopting a Melanesian child and would have to go through the OCW in Papua New Guinea. Thank you. And I hope to hear from you soon!

Sure, no problem

Thank you so much! I'm new to the site so I attempted to PM you. If not can you please send me a message? I have to get used to using this site. Again, this means the world to me!

Hi I was  wondering if you are still happy to help people I see your post was from some time ago ?

Hi Rosa
I have emailed you - I hope you can help us

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Hey, we have a child in our care at the moment - we are friends with his family and they asked us to take him or they were going to give him to another village. We have him already in Australia and we need to commence the adoption process and apply for an Adoption visa what would suggest we do first??? We have had him here with us for 2 years and have been supporting him since birth in 2014 - please help

Given the circumstances you should contact Warner Shand Lawyers in Kokopo ph (675) 982 8605. They should be able to advise you on the process. You will need quite a few documents for the National Court:

1. Home Visit and Report - since you're in Australia you should get advice on who might be a suitable replacement for the PNG Office of Child Welfare who do the home visits there.

2. A signed and properly witnessed permission to adopt from the biological parent/s - wait for the lawyer to prepare the right format.

3. A statement from you about how the adoption occurred.

There could be a few other things depending on your circumstances. Our list was something like this:

a.     Bank Statements
b.     Divorce Order (from previous marriage)
c.     Our Birth Certificates
d.     Our PNG Visas
e.     Passport Bio Pages
f.      Marriage Certificate
g.     Police Clearances (This is not easy - see this: Obtain_Police_Clearance)
h.     3 Character References from family and friends etc
i.      Medical Statements signed by a Doctor for my wife and I

All statements should all be on a PNG Statutory Declaration form.

After you get the PNG National Court Order, get the PNG birth certificate with your names on it as soon as you can. Then apply for the subclass 102 Adoption visa with the Australian High Commission.

Let me know if you need any more information

Thank you so much for all that very helpful information - we have had a Ministerial Intervention granted - our baby is on a Visitor Visa subclass 600 whilst we commence the adoption process and also allows us to apply for another visa whilst our baby is with us - we are thinking we need to apply for the intention to adopt visa - we will contact the person you have advised and we would like to keep in contact with you if you don't mind - it's nice to know someone has had a successful outcome THANK YOU so much :)

HI I have contacted the lawyer in PNG and they said that the last people they help had to pay for someone to come to Australia to do the home visit - and do you mind if I ask how much it cost you - my private email is xxxx

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My husband & our 8 yr old step daughter have applied for Australian perm residency. Unfortunately my step daughter's mother won't grant consent for her to relocate to Australia & my husband wants to apply for sole custody. Can anyone recommend a family lawyer in Moresby and any other advice?

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Hi ,I can see your post is from long time ago but are you still interested in adopting a  child?

.Hi, congradulations in your new daughter. That’s very lovely of you. I am a Papua New Guinean, and I too, want to adopt. I am trying to bring one of my cousins to bring over to Australia, as I am an also an Australian citizen by decent. And I believe adoption is the easiest way, because things get harder after the age of 18. Does anyone have any information on this, and OP, could you please email me to help me through the process. ***
Thank you!

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