Job offer at salalah; need to know living cost

Hi All!
I live in India and have received an offer from a company at salalah for RO 700 plus 1bhk furnished apartment and airfare. Is it good for a couple to live comfortably and save.
Thanks in advance 😀

Hi kirtipaliwal,

For two, and in Salalah, the quoted figure is fairly reasonable. Not a lot. Nor is it less.

Since you are new here, it would profit you tremendously to go through the many discussions under the  Cost of Living topic.

For more breadth, also check the Cost of Living discussions under the Muscat forum. The costs in Salalah would be marginally lesser than those quoted in the Muscat forum.

Thanks sumitran... I also want to save which doesn’t seem possible with this salary... so I would negotiate.. for the role of support services manager what do you suggest should be the best salary?

Hi Kirti ,

Being in a corporate sector at senior position I suggest you should go for at least RO 1200 plus and by the way Engineers and managers having 12+ years of experience get RO 1500-2000 here.


Hi , I'm a Nigerian Citizen presently working in Oman as an house help, I have a diploma degree in Mass Communication with 3years experience,I'm already here 8 months but im thinking of just returning back to my country because  i do not like the job question is...if probably I stay and the 2 years Employment visa gets due...can I get another sponsor with a good job offer (regardless of my first job and  nationality)

Hi Amaka Samuel,

If you get a NOC from your current employer, you can find another employment and can change jobs internally.

Or, with the NOC, you can go and return anytime you wish - before the completion of the mandatory 2-years from the date of your departure - as long as you get an alternate employment.

yes is normal ok
salalah is normal expensive city
you check other benefit with that salary

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