Accepting an Offer in Salalah

Dear Members,
I need your advice to relocate to Salalah, as currently I am working as a Accountant in Dubai on AED 5000 salary without accommodation and transportation. I got an offer from Salalah at 600 OMR with transportation and single visa status in a good company. My preference is to bring my family here. I have 2 kids, a daughter 3.5 years old and a son 1.5 years old. If I took the decision to relocate here so i will be able to meet the expenses of housing, food, utilities and schooling of 1 kid in this offer of 600 OMR?


Hi usmancgma,

With a single visa status, your company is not providing you with family status.

So you will not be able to bring our family over to live ith you.

They can come on a visit visa though.

With R.O. 600/- as salary, a bachelor can maintain a moderate lifestyle and still be able to save some money, every month.

if u compare your things what u getting in Dubai ok
but for your full family may be not enough
but for normal life style u can live u can arrange ur family visa your self with ur company if they agree to support you.

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