Hi Guys!

Hi everyone! I am new in Jeddah,arrived few weeks ago.Before stayed in Riyad around 3 months.Looking for any beach for expat and events for  foreigners,specially parties.
About me: From Azerbaijan,29 years old,more then 15 years lived in Russia,and 5 years in Turkey.Speak russian and turkey,better then native.Will be very happy to meet new friends! And thank you in advance for your recomendations!

Arabain Homes at jeddah have a private beach, get in touch with them !!

All right,thanks

Hi Elchin Aliyev,

Welcome to Jeddah and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay.
For Jeddah public events, you can visit roznamah. and other webpages for more information. I wish I were informative.

jeddah silver sand north abuher


Are you in Saudi Arabia now? Jeddah or Riyadh?

Hi Mate.

enjoy your stay in Jeddah .
it is cosmopolitan city.
You will love it.

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