Jeddah Knowledge School Teachers September 2017

Hey all,

I've recently accepted an elementary teaching position at Jeddah Knowledge School. I was just wondering if there are any teachers here going to be teaching at JKS this coming September 2017.

I am looking to network with other teachers before I arrive! :)

Introduce yourself! :)

With the way the country is shaping up, I doubt any new teachers will be coming this year.

You can search a lot of JKS threads and approach existing members, or i'm sure since you're a female your inbox may already have flooded by non teaching professionals offering you help  :lol:

I have read through them all. They are outdated. lol

yea but i'm sure some of them are still around...good luck

PS: your double double here won't be as good as what you get there....


I have been offered a job at JKS for a start in September 2017, i have not signed contract yet,
all reviews about school are dated and also negative, not quite sure to accept the role as they are offering two year contract and if you don't fulfull contact for two years you pay all fees and expenses.

still in two minds.



Hi I have recently applied for a job there. Would you be able to provide me with some honest reviews?

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