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I arrived in Jeddah a couple of months ago and now that I have settled in I am looking to start up Spanish lessons again.  I have some knowledge of the language.  I ahve spent two summers there and was taking lessons in Scotland.  I really want to go back to Spain or South America after my 2 year contract ends here so want to keep my Spanish up.  If you are interested please get in touch and we can chat times and money.



Hello Claire.

The Classes section (Language classes) in the Jeddah classifieds might help. You can post an advert there. :)

Thank you,

hey Claire
you alright?

the same here i am after a native spanish speaker :(

for private lessons.

let me know if you hear anything.


Hello Everyone!

I think your best bet would be to give a call to the Spanish Consulate here in Jeddah. I can imagine there would be someone in their consular section who could advise you better 02 6607000 or atleast would have some information.


A consortium of Spanish companies have won a tender for the high speed rail project and word of mouth is that there is large number of Spanish families (approx 90) coming to live in Jeddah. If I hear of anyone willing to teach, i'll post the info on this forum.

Have a good day,


thanks for the infor.  Much appreciated. :-)

I am Spanish Teacher, with 15 years of experience teaching to children and adults.
I teach all levels with a method that makes the learning an entertaining experience!
Lessons time: one hour
flexible schedule

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Maria Mejia

Hello ! I am Maria Spanish teacher living in Jeddah! if still you are interesting to take spanish you can contact /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\:



Hello Maria

So as to better spread the word, Could you please place an advert in our classifieds section and also register yourself in our language institutions so as to better reach out to people who are wishing to learn spanish?

>> Language institutions in Jeddah <<

>> Language Classes In Jeddah <<

Kenjee Team

Hello ! I was trying but I can't find the place you suggesting me! Please can you tell me how can post my Add ? Thank you,



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Hi there,

Are you still in town and providing classes?

@ Teeten10 > Please note that this topic is quite old, if you are looking for language classes, please feel free to post in the Jeddah classifieds section.


Priscilla  :cheers:

I am interested in learning Spanish

Hello ,
Are you still giving spanish classes ?

Hello maria ,
I want to learn spanish me and my girls .
Do you still give classes ?

i would like to learn please contact me on ***

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am looking for a spanish teacher- plz contact

Hi Wafa Alzubaidi,

Please drop an advert in the Language classes in Jeddah section of the website, you might get some offers.

All the best,


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Hi dear may I know more about your Spanish lessons

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