Iqama transfer from father to private sponsorship.

I am currently student and next year i am  going to change my sponsership from fatger to any khafeel ,i byhearted full quran so i am a teacher in madrasah .,24 age so what is the procedure to transfer my sponsorship. ;i would be greatful to you if you could help me in this matter ..thankyou

get a sponsor, pay transfer fees and the sponsor MUST accompany you to jawazat atleast once before the process is complete. IF, you are transfering as employee ... you will pay transfer fees, profession, iqama cost, work permit and you will need medical insurance

IF private ... house driver, security, gahwaji etc ONLY iqama fee of SR.650

Thankyou sooooo much for helping me.

feel free to contact me anytime if you need assistance with jawazat office in Kandara Jeddah

Hi JoeyCCBC,

I am also under my father's iqama as a dependent.

I got a job and want to transfer myself to that company.

But, I got to know that my iqama will change to a labour in that process and my profession will be changed soon after that.

I also heard that iqama profession change have been ceased by Ministry of Labour, then how could I change my profession from labour to Accountant?

I also want to know whether attestation of degrees are a requirement to change profession?

Your help with this issue will be highly appreciated.


Any luck in transferring from student to company ??


There are no issues transferring a dependent to a company - alhamdulillah  my iqama got transferred two months back...well Best of Luck..

Brother can I get your number ? Need some info on transfer of sponsorship from father to company.

Thanks and Regards,

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