Opening a business as Foreigner in Arugam Bay

Hi All,

I am hoping to open a business in the service industry in arugam bay before the start of the next peak season (april/may) and am seeking assistance/answers on any of the following items:

Does anyone know the best way to see what land is for sale/lease in that area - it seems like there is no online advertisements for leases/sales on the web (more just sign in the ground on site)

What is the latest when is comes to buying/leasing land?

The business will come under 100k USD so do i need to partner with a local for this business ?

Does anyone know if there is mafia or similar in that area that you may need to pay off to open business as a expat?

Does anyone have an estimate on what a yearly lease for 20ish perchers may be in the main part of town in arugam bay?

Can anyone give me a construction estimate for building from scratch for a 150ish square metre (5 to 10 perchers in size) 1 story property (fully fitted out, tiled, basic interior, doors, electrical and plumbing)

Any hot tips for starting business as a foreigner in small isolated towns, such as arugam bay.

estimate on staffing cost for someone semi skilled working in the service industry for a 6 month position. where do you advertise to find staff to work for you!

any contacts for lawyers/small business consultants/start up assistance/property experts as well!

what visa i should be looking into?

so greatly appreciated!



as far as I am concern you cannot own a land unless you go through a company where there is a srilankan.

I know of a person whom you could get the details he is Lasith Makalanda **** and email ***

He will brief you about staffing construction and authority approvals etc.

Thank you


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Construction cost
Economy - 280 USD per square meter
Semi Luxury - 350 USD per square meter
Luxury - 420 USD per square meter

My good name is Farhan I'm a BSc Construction Project Manager and from eastern province, I can answer your all questions?

Contact Me: Check your inbox

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I am interested in partnering you for this project, if you require. I am an ex sri lankan living in Australia. Ken


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hi there,

i wouldn't t say there is mafia, only some corruption... better to keep good relationships with all communities: muslims, tamils and singhalas... to know an high ranked officer is a plus...


Arnaud G (France)

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