Applying for Blue Card EU in Ausländerbehörde in Frankfurt

Hi all,

I have to apply for Blue Card at Ausländerbehörde in Frankfurt. I have a job offer in IT, also my diploma is recognized (H+ status). I have a few question regarding to the application:

1. What documents are needed to apply (like diploma translated, job contract, 2 photos, filled
application form, etc.) ?
2. Is it needed the rent contract for your apartment ? Because I think during this time I will stay in hotel, what options do I have ?
3. Is it need also a bank statement ?
4. Where can I download the application form ?
5. How and where to pay the application bill ?
6. Since I am a beginner in German language is it needed a translator with you ?
7. How many weeks takes the Blue Card to be granted ?
8. What are your recommendations ?

Also any other personal experience in that process would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance

Most of the answers to your questions can be found browsing this forum or using Google. For the formalities (e.g. which documents to submit), please contact the authorioty where you will apply.
I thus recommend you do your own research first and come back with more detailed questions that were not discussed before.

Thanks beppi, you are right, but I am still wondering if the renting contract is mandatory or if is it ok to show the address of the booking of the hotel you are currently staying ?


A hotel is o.k., but you probably must book it for a longer time - not just a few days. Ask the officer what they require!


First of all you have to take the appointment. On that day, you need below documents-

1) Application form with photos
2) City registration document
3) Passport and one copy of your passport
4) Job contract
5) Diploma translated
6) Bank details ( sometimes they may ask)

Please see below link for application form and for your more understanding. … 14&_ffmpar[_id_inhalt]=58105

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