Long winter stay

In our 60's thinking of getting away for the winter for around 5 months. 2 bed apt. What we need to know is it possible to buy food grocerys etc equivalent to what we would buy in the UK so I can cook our usual meals etc. We stayed in Albufeira for 6 weeks last winter and loved it but went All inclusive which we can't do for 5 months but we noticed there was little English food in the supermarkets or was very expensive and didn't see any meat such as chicken, beef mince etc? Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks

My wife and I have been exploring Lagos area as part of potential retirement location. Been very impressed by the local supermarkets. Food very fresh and well priced. Inter archer also does UK brands which are a little more expensive. Basics of bread milk meat fish cheese etc are great quality and good prices. I would assume they have the same stock in Winter

Thanks was actually thinking of Lagos to rent

We are in the process of purchasing a house in Lagos. We found that each town has a market where local producers come and sell high quality fruits and vegetables, often of better quality than in the UK. You will find supermarkets everywhere with everything you need. You are moving to a different country to discover a new culture so don't worry if you can't find a couple of items, you will discover new ones!

Thanks yes but we will need to know where to go for a big shop weekly where we can get milk bread veg meat cereals and sauces etc. Are there buses available or will we need a car.

There is a great InterMarché in downtown Lagos, part of the French chain of supermarkets. If you live right downtown, there are buses. We will be about 15 minutes from downtown so of course, we will drive to town. As far as making sauces, if you don't find exactly the sauce you are used to, check out the internet for recipes and make it yourself, fun project LOL. I couldn't find an American pumpkin pie so I made one myself and it was delicious!

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