Retirement Vilage in the Algarve

Im dissapointed that I cant find a backer for my retirement village idea in the Algarve as the location is of historical interest and there is the chance to revitalise part of a great village which already has the amenities, and make this a retirement haven for the over 50's.

Anyone who has a passion for life after 50 who is interested to get involved with this vision whether an organisation, an individual or an investor should contact me.

Hi Deborah and Im pleased to make your aquaintance. Details of the vision in the Algarve can be seen through these links. … -sao-bras/ … portunity/

I actually live in Spain but may get the chance next year to travel to Portugal. I will keep in touch.

Hi , my name is Alex (53) . I'll be very glad to help you with your Retirement Village project in Algarve.
I have one special project which could be maybe started in your village and more . Feel free to
write to:  xxx    Best wishes . A.S.

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Hi Jack-O-Tull

I would be interested to learn what you have that might be of help in our quest. I did email you using your email address but havent heard from you. You can email me on info[at] or go to our website and look at the project in the Portugal section of developments. Any problems, you can skype me on maninspain.



Hello Alex,

I never heard back from you after leaving my details under your message and wondered if you are still contemplating doing your project?

Hello Malcolm . I received information from  about your answer only now
and immediately sent you contact request on Skype ( my name : Al; avatar: a cloud in the sky).
I think it'll be much better to talk about the project .

Thank you .
P.S. You can schedule a Skype appointment (an evening time is better) .
'til later .

Hi Deborah.

Did you mange to find a place to settle in Portugal? Im sorry not to have come back to you but unfortunately, Im still trying to get interst in my project in the Algarve as I think it will be well served and needed.



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