My documents sent to IND, but it is already pending for a long time.

Dear Friends,

My documents at the hand of IND for 19 days. In google searches and already visa hold colleagues received it in 8 - 10 days. Why mine took so long? Any idea or experience share will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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Have you tried phoning them to see where you are in the process?

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Thanks alot,

I haven't called IND directly. Should I?
Visaversa is following my application. I keep contact with them. As the responsible said, my application is still pending !...

Most of the "Highly skilled migrant" 's obtains visa between 8-10 days. Tomorrow it will be 20 days.

And advice will be appreciated.

Personally I would call them first, this is just to make sure it is in the line and being processed correctly.

If there is any problems, applications can be put to the side and marked in the processing avenue. Then when they have time they can work on it, thus take time.

I must add every every application is different so you can not compare them all.

Give them a call, then come back, with what they have said.

The process (to get a decision) can take 90 days from the date of payment, but certain categories (i.e. skilled worker) do normally get priority.  It's not just a simple tick-box exercise, depending on your circumstances, it can go through several Dutch Government departments.

I phone called them today. Responsible said that my case is at the last phase. They have been strive to finalize either positive or negative at the end of October. Finger-crossed to have positive result.
Thanks all to constructive comments.

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