Hello everyone!
Who has the scoop on internet?!
Where can I find information on our options, cost, companies, plans, coverage, etc?
Thank you!

Type "internet Vanuatu" into your search engine. Info there

We went with Telsat to start with, which uses WIFI network rather than a modem.  You pay 2500 a month for their cheap option and 5000 a month for the faster one.  Now admittedly we only ever used the cheaper one, but we rarely had a good enough connection to even receive basic e-mails.

We're now using Digicel in a modem that we brought with us.  We pay 500 for 500Mb, but they always add more Mb when we type in the code to pay for the 500Mb.  It lasts 2 weeks (or until you finish it) and is strong enough for Skype video calls.

I've heard that TVL have just introduced a fast internet but they don't let you use your own modem, they ask you to pay for one from them (5000Vatu?).  Haven't gone for this yet, as happy enough with Digicel.  I guess it all depends on what you are using it for!!!

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