Looking for cultural exchange

I am a young Moroccan graduate in English studies.
Currently I run my own institute of kindergarten and reinforcing lessons.
I am looking for a company or a person who is interested in cultural exchange or internship.
I am a serious and outstanding person with double graduations in English studies and an acadimc certificate of teachers of English language.
Thanks in advance

Please post your CV in JOBS section, and look for possibilities there.  Adverts are not allowed on the forums, per the USA Forum Code of Conduct.  Please review it.

As you've already been told by other members, your studies are likely not sufficient to interest a company in sponsoring you for a job in the USA.  The USA has plenty of native English speakers to teach English.

Expat.com Experts Team

Totally agree,  but my English language is just a means to successfully exchange many more fruitful purposes like culture exchange, language exchange,  experience exchange. .....
Surely,  I know some people find culture exchange worthy that's why I'm posting.
Anyway thanks for reply

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