employer's Coercion

my employment visa expired & grace period also over.

i have resigned my job two month before, now my employer not releasing me & not paying my end of service benefits.

whenever i ask for my settlement manager telling me next week we will give & waiting for pending payment from client.

but two weeks before some of our colleges got their final settlement amount.
(all 3 persons overstayed  for 8 months, company did this for coerce them to renew their visa but they refused )

now company  doing the same thing to me.

since my visa expired & i am afraid to complaint to Ministry/Embassy because of accommodation problem & visa exit.

Please guide me.

Thanks in advance

Hi sam kannan,

Your employment visa has to be renewed by your employer and not by you. So you do not have to feel guilty about it.

Now given your circumstances, you must bring your condition to the attention of the authorities without any further delay - at least to the officials at the Indian Embassy.

Hi sumitran sir,

now my employer playing dirty tricks..

now  4 months salary is pending , my salary holded by H.R as per company Instruction.

management telling you will be paid all pending settlement today, but H.R telling me that we are not informed about your Final settlement process & check with Management.

i resigned before three months, H.R telling me your timesheet from resign date is not processed which means they are not keeping the Timesheet for those three months, but i have all time sheet copy with me as proof.
today again my management telling me we will give your final settlement tomorrow.
i cant understand this peoples dirty minds.

waiting for your answer.

Hi sam kannan,

I have already told you what should be your next steps ... so why are you asking again ??

There would be no change to the answer which I have provided earlier.

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