Gift Packaging Factory Sourcing MYANMAR

Good Day!
I am wondering if this is a good place to get assistance in sourcing new factories?
I currently have all my production done in China but am looking to source new factories in Myanmar capable of producing gift boxes for my Canadian and US Cosmetic brands as well as cosmetic bags.
I have not been able to easily find a good trade site to facilitate this process so I am reaching out to see if anyone can assist.
Any feedback would be welcome.
thanks and regards,

Hi Christ.
Honestly, I dont clearly understand your points. However I can give you some information for your references:
- If you want to set up your busines in Myanmar such as build new factory, new office, you need get approve from MIC (for manufacture) and DICA (commercial only). Also I have a strong relationship with local partner in construction and steel buildings if you need any help, dont hesitate to contact
- If you're looking for a outsourcing for bags or packaging production, here is the contact for your reference. Oji Gs Packaging in Mingarlardon IP, Yangon Myanmar. contact pp: SOE SANDA /General Manager.

you can inbox me for more.

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