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Good afternoon. Planning on shipping a container soon. But still have questions concerning a boat/boat motor. Have been told boat and motor must be attached. If not motor can be taxed.  Seriously confused why this would be a concern?????? Any help with this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to Belize  ;)

Almost everything I have done in Belize has had at least one twist or strange (to me) requirement attached to it. I usually ask  a second /third person for additional info and often get different answers.

Have you asked someone from Belize customs  and/or of the Belize Tourism Board: BTB that administers the QRP program?

Hi jritter, Welcome to Belize indeed.

I'll take a stab at this one. My guess is merely supposition, but we spent the $60 usd to have an phone consultation with a Belize immigration lawyer and he did a very good job of explaining much of the process & nuances of the QRP.

The whole idea if the "duty free" portion is to make it easy & affordable for expats to move to Belize, and become financially contributing members of this society. As such, they want to be sure the items being brought in duty free are for personal use, not "resale", which permits the expat to make a profit, not the Belizian gov't.

As such, if you bring the boat & motor separately (nit attached to each other), then one could surmise that there's a good chance they will be out on the market for sale, as opposed to the motor being out on the boat, for personal use.

The customs folks, who work with the BTB on the duty free portion of the QRP, are a suspicious breed and therefore will think along the lines of worst scenario, therefore, they'll want all those duty free items coming into Belize to be "ready for use" by the expat.

Like I said, merely a supposition, but one based on a basic, but solid, understanding if the QRP.

Might be beneficial to contact a Belize immigration lawyer and spend the $60 us in a consultation. If you want a name, PM me and I'll get it to you.

Beast Wishes on your journey.

Thanks for the responses. I did find out the y must be attached. CayeCaulker2017 maybe, your reason is correct for that. Thanks again

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