Belize gun regulations

I keep  getting conflicting stories on .22 caliber pump air rifles. Legal for non residents or not and fees if any? Always have liked to target shoot.


In all honesty we have never considered purchasing or felt the need to carrying a weapon (gun) for protection in Belize, so any comments I might have on the subject would be hear say and not necessarily fact. I have found a link by someone else that appears to have done some research on this subject that I will share. I am sorry I can’t be of help in this instance, but I provide information based on my personal experiences, and in this case I would prefer to say “I don’t know for sure” rather than speculate.

Here ia the link, I hope it helps. … elize.html

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In general, you are not allowed to import firearms into Belize. You have to have a license to do so, you also have to be a resident of Belize, and there are numerous restrictions. You  can not own any weapon that is similar or the same as the weapons carried by the Belize Defense Forces. You also must have a valid reason, other than self-defense.
"In Belize, civilians are not allowed to possess all assault rifles, automatic and semiautomatic firearms, rifles of calibre greater than 7.62 mm or 0.30 inch, sawed-off rifles or shotguns, shotguns of barrel length 21 inches or less, rifled shotguns, handguns of calibre greater than 9mm or .38inch, armour-piercing ammunition, silencers, or extended handgun magazines"
Really don't know about air rifles, but I wouldn't count on being able to import such. You might contact a customs broker in Belize for more detailed information.

Good Morning, I assumed you were already in Belize. AR carries several different kinds of pneumatic rifles. One endorsed by Jim Shokey that sells for almost $1000.00 bzd. I was told by sales clerk that no permit is required. Best to check in with local police. Side note. A man was shot and killed with a pneumatic rifle, he was stealing Mango trees, and died on side road. Not the Benjamin Air rifle I carried around when I was a kid.

I assume that bows and crossbows are not illegal in Belize. I was recently at Midwest Hardware in Spanish Lookout and they had a few for sale. Their best crossbow was going for $1,100 bz.

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