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Coming to Lombok!

Any recent information on where is best to live on the island of Lombok would be helpful.  I have been there ages ago, and my wife never has.  We expect to be able to arrive next fall and live there for 4-5 months.  We have a dog and need information on bringing her with us as well.  Any tips on rentals, immigration, volunteer work, etc. would be most welcome.  Thanks!

Immigration rules are pretty strict here but assuming you have no intention of working, 6 months shouldn't be any problem.

Any work of any sort would require a work permit ($1,200) and  KITAS (Rp 1 million).
That would allow you to work for one company at one location.

Renting is easy but contracts tend to be 12 months.
Google 'Rumah disewa <area>.

Where depends on you. The main town is handy for shopping, places like Sengigi are beach haunts but with only smaller shops.

Thanks Fred, we will both be "on vacation" in the form of our first year of early retirement.  I remember Lombok as pretty laid back and I think it is a good jumping off point for the rest of the islands.

We will not be working.  We will try to bring our 9 year old dog with us, but not sure if that will be a total hassle or not. 

We'll look for something like a 2 bedroom apartment with AC and wi-fi.  Nothing really fancy, but clean and decent.  I'm thinking that it may just be best to come and stay somewhere a couple weeks and scout it out before committing long term.

Where are you living?  Do you have any suggestions on living on another island instead of Lombok?  I've been to Sumbawa, Flores, Bali, Sumatra and Sumba in the past... Lombok seemed a nice "middle of the road" kinda place.

Take care,

Paul & Nadia

Lombok is beautiful, like a Bali without the drunks and development, and absolutely somewhere I'd seriously look at for retirement.
I've only been once but that's my loss and an error I want to correct as soon as possible.
I live near Jakarta but that's because they pay me money to be here, not because it's a nice place.
Retiring isn't such a big deal but you do have to meet a few conditions, those including a minimum retirement income, medical insurance,  hiring a maid and renting a place.
Lots of places might suit you depending on what your tastes are.
For the beach types, Lombok is a great choice but does have the disadvantage of very little shopping if that's important to you.

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