Security Clearance Approval govt owned investment Development company

Dear all

I am currently working in dubai for the past 7 years and recently got interviewed for Position of Sr. Consultant IT at teaching hospital in abudhabi. I have submitted all relevant Documents / Certificate attested and passport copies etc around 3rd week of Aug'2017

Though i have not got the offer yet as the employer informed that prior to sending the job offer, my application requires Security clearance approval from government bodies and it may take time

it almost all 40 days now from the date of submission of the documents and as per the last status update from HR, application is still under process and they are not sure , how many days will it take ?

Can i know exactly how much time does this take ?
What all things are verified as part of security clearance before it is considered ?

Thanks Quest

Dear Quest,

Did you get your security clearance completed?

I am in a simillar posistion. Had a first interview with HR for a company in AD and after being shortlisted for the role they requested some of my documents for security clearance. That was 1 month ago and I haven't heard of them since then.

Any comments?


yes i got, it took almost around 2.5 months to get security Clearance from date of submission of documents

a Big Sigh of Relief though

Dont worry, this will take some time.

All the best!!!

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