Staying, Leaving, and the personal Philosophy of travelers.

After reading hundreds of posts here and dozens of other sites (lot of posts about reasons to leave, toxic comments), Ive decided to post some of my thoughts, as Ive read lots of discussions about money and economics and little discussions about other stuff that can also have a positive or negative impact in someones experience while living overseas.

lets hope the mods do not find this innapropiate and/or off-topic.

--- I will not delve into economics and costs of living ---

Why expats are leaving?, well for the same reasons why  at least 40 to 50% of Panamanians who go to live and/or work overseas come back here, the reasons are the cultural, philosophical, historical and language differences. Regardless of any knowledge we can acquire through study or life experience, our worldview is heavily influenced by the local environment on which we were born and where we grew up, that being said we all often inherit some traits which also contributes to shape our personal philosophy.

A broad example of this is why western society tends to accept the concept of democracy as something sacred or as the main pillar of our countries, the reason is that we were taught that democracy should be our way, if the school teacher says that democracy is a good thing and also does your dad, your mom, your neighbor, the guy in a suit at the tv, and even the random maniac who yells about the end of the world, you are likely to grow up holding democracy in a high regard. The same thing happens with everything, we all inherit some traits and values from our social environment.

I think many expats fail at doing their research by only learning about the costs of living in any country, expats should also learn about their culture and their philosophy, try to empathize with the peoples of the country and learn their customs and what they consider as something good, and what other things they might consider as an abhorrent conduct. When moving overseas the capability of the person to ADAPT is put to a test, if the person cant adapt its not because the country itself is doomed and its people nefarious acolytes of some dark deity, it is maybe because the person and the person and the culture and/or philosphy of that country are not compatible at all.

Geez that was a long post, this are my views on why Panama is having mixed reviews on websites, lots of nice reviews and also lots of rants. The thing is that we are different, we all have things that makes us special, and when you go far away from your homeland you will need an open mind in order to play "games" by following the rules set by your host.

Best wishes to all expats here, my more sincere wishes for you to be happy here and get along with the locals and other expats, and if not then my sincere wishes for you to find another place to call home and thrive, a place more compatible to your personal likes, tastes and needs.


Very well said! In the US we are led to believe that we are the best and we have the best ways of doing everything. Here in Panama many things are diffent, ways of thinking, getting things done, different priorities but for me it has been a huge eye opener. Different doesn't mean worse, and in many ways it's better. People here are happy. I'm a happier person living here among these kind, friendly, happy people. Priorities here are family, friends, and enjoying life, not working yourself to death to get the best "stuff". There's a lot to be said for that.

Well said, you are very wise.

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