Tax code?

I am an English national, living in Romania for over six years now, I have a UK bank account with HSBC. They have sent me a letter asking for my tax residency self certificate, this is fair enough I have read and understand what is required.

My question is this, do we have a Romanian tax code as we do back in the UK, and if so how to find that out?

Hey Daz,

If you don't have a business of any kind (and therefore a CUI/CIF) then the CNP is used for tax registration for 'persoane fizice'. You can find it on your residency certificate. It's basically like the National Insurance Number in the UK.

daz90 :

My question is this, do we have a Romanian tax code as we do back in the UK, and if so how to find that out?

Absolutely, it's called Cod Fiscal, you should have acquainted yourself with ANAF by now if you've been here 6 years already :)

Romaniac Experts Team

6 years isn't enough to understand the Romanian tax laws, especially as they change every year! :D

I think he was referring to a numerical code though, like an identification number, rather than the code (set of laws) itself. Might be wrong though.

That's right maykal, I am after a number code like we have in the UK.

I asked at work and they don't know anything about it, it does seem as though it's the personal identity code that passes for tax and indeed everything.

I still don't have a residency document, just a five year work permit, I suppose I should bite the bullet and get myself the ten year residency card.

I am employed, not self employed.

Hey Daz,

Are you sure you have a work permit? Those were scrapped for EU citizens 10 years ago.  Are you sure you're not talking about the 'certificat de inregistrare'? It's basically a piece of paper that you get every five years, no photo on it, just name, address, dates etc. You get it from that building up near P-ta Romana and you probably only waited a day for it, or even got it in the same day. If it is that certificate, look on that and you'll see 'CNP' and then a long number (14 digits I think) probably starting with a 7. That CNP is like the UK's NIN.

Your employer would need this CNP in order to employ you legally as it'd be used so they can pay your taxes.

The ten-year thing is permanent residency. Even if you get that, your CNP won't change. Might still be worth getting the 10-year permanent residency though, because of this Brexit lark. You're also eligible for dual nationality in case you want to be really sure.

Yes I have the registration certificate, i renewed that last year just because it was easier at that time.

I don't want to become a Romanian citizen, but my life is here with my wife and kids, we have jobs and our house.

But I have noticed recently that a ten year residency will be more beneficial to me, I tried to make a small credit in dedeman and was told about this document, I didn't get the credit because of my crappy documents.

Anyway, I am still not 100% perfect with written or verbal Romanian, which is one reason why I have avoided the residency route.

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