Are many expats living off retirement pensions/401k/social security?? And how much a month $$$?
Example $5000.00 a month income how well can you live off that??

Like a King. BUT, not if you require a mansion, chef, indoor & outside staff, ie, maids, gardeners, driver, nanny & so forth. However, if not, you can live very comfortably on $5,000 a month. Consider yourself fortunate to be in that financial position..  A family of four is living on $3600 a month. They live in a large 3 bdrm house, kids in private schools, 2 vehicles& have plenty of fun.  Take plenty of time to scope everything out before you commit to anything.  Relax, sit back & enjoy the fruits of your labor, I do on a hell of a lot less.   Welcome to the island.  Some of the wealthy might say your budget is skimpy, but the snobs are few, igore them. You will do just fine'  Gypsy  401has spoken.

Depending how you want to live this is more than enough here..

Emnor.  You will have no problem at all living on that budget and living very well.  Yes there are lots of "retired" Expats here living on pensions, savings and 401s
Bob K

Thanks for the quick reply and information.I will start traveling to Dr real soon and get to know the island before I make my move. I'm considering buying or. Moving to Bavoro Punta Cana, so far I love what I see on videos.
So with my budget I mentioned, I can live pretty much anywhere nice in Dr or just a certain Locations? Providence??
Or is punta Cana off the list  with my budget??

Thanks for the quick reply and information. I will start traveling to the DR before making my move.
I'm considering Bavoro Punta Cana to buy property. Is it more expensive? For my budget?
Where are you living in the DR?
SOSUA/Puerto Plata  is my second choice.$$

Thanks for the quick reply and information. I will start traveling to the DR soon and get acquainted with the island and locals.
I done some research and Bavoro Punta Cana seems one location im interested in, but will my budget be enough ?? $5k monthly.
Any other suggestions on where to buy property?? Beach front property?
Where are you living in the DR??

Your budget monthly will depend on so many things. If you live like a king the punta cana is out of reach. If you live well then its definately within reach.

Buying beachfront or near beachfront is getting more and more expensive in developed areas!!! Start shopping around and believe little.of what you see online. You need to be here to see it!!!

Tell us more about your preferred lifestyle and we can give you our opinions and feedback!

I don"t care fot Punta Cana even if I could afford it. Too many all inclusive resorts line the beachs, gated compounds etc.  The area doesn't provide many options for activites.   Look into the Cabrera area & the rest of the North shore.  I moved here to Sosua in March of 2002 from Saint Croix, USVI.  Best  decision of my life. A stint in Florida for medical reason, then I returned as soon as possible.  Spend a month or two exploring the island & you'll find your own spot of paradise.  Good hunting!!

Always good advice to check out your options before settling.

I'm looking for a safe community with other expats and live close to or by the water. Not looking to live like a king but rather a comfortable life with all the necessities of the USA. A/c / one vehicle, ECT..
Looking to Mingling with the locals after I get well informed about the island.
Cabarete seems like a second choice after Punta Cana.

It really is about what makes you happy. My advice - check out punta cana and then take a week or so and check out the cabarete area.

I prefer more inferaction with the local culture so i dont like Punta Cana.

Take your time - no hurry to decide!

You will be fine. Cabarete is a good place. Yes A/C & cars etc,BUT, this isn't the USA & won't ever be. Relax & enjoy, sometimes laughing at the differences. A couple of cocktails & feel the breezes. Life is a great trip, relax & enjoy the view, there ain't no return ticket for this ride through life.    Doth spake the TUBA.

For what you are wanting look at the north coast

Bob K

K will do look at North coast and punta Cana..Thks for the valuable information.🍻

Will take y'all advise and I will definitely take my time and do my homework before making my move to the DR.
I  was told by another expat to look at the North coast since it may be a nice side of the island to buy beach front property.

Many areas of north coast will be more affordable than Punta Cana for sure.

North shore s great for many reeasons. A myriad of beaches, many neat small towns,easy quick access to the mountains, Puerta Plata is a medium sized bustling city. Santiago is a pleasnt drive. It is a major city. There are many large stores of all kinds,IE: price Mart etc                  just a short drive away. Anything you might need or want is available in the DR.   When you get here to begin your exploration, just ask your questions & you will receive all the help you need. Buy that ticket & get on board for life in the DR.

Good information and thanks Again.🍻

So, I know we circle around to this topic often...and I also here prices are rising...on, now in 2017... how much would a couple need to live comfortably if home ( in Cabrera ) was owned free and clear...and was running on solar... don't party much...except happy hour with friends... groceries, gas for one small car, repairs, internet, misc....?

Do we need to consider health insurance
Are the kids in private school
How many vehicles do you own
Any expenses outside the DR
Any family obligations
All of these will effect the bottom line

Bob K

This is always a tough one. You will likely still have some electricity bill but small. My guess here is 1,000 US will work. 1,500 is better and 2,000 is much more than needed.

But, everything depends on lifestyle and choices. In the beginning it all costs more, than you settle in and learn how the system work and it gets easier.

Yes DR health insurance, no kids in school, house is already furnished and move in ready.

I'm asking because, if we moved today, we would have ~$1750 in rental income from 3 homes after accounting for taxes and repairs budget. So, it sounds possible.

But, if we want to help kids with college and have a travel budget and build on our empty lot...we need  probably 4 more rental least...but, we could make a go of it.

Why don't I ever proof read anything?! Hear...not to think it was autocorrect...yeah... that's the ticket....hahaha

Happens to us all honey. Often for me its when I am responding from my phone,  damn fingers......

With that income you should be able to make a go of it.  But again it all depends on lifestyle.

Bob K

Planner the older I get the fatter my fingers get and the smaller the buttons on the phone gets.  Seems like a lose lose situation.   :D
Plus my smart phone is so much smarter than I am :D

Bob K

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