What happens after 4 months temporary BSN, with job but no place

What happens if my RNI (non resident) / temporary BSN 4 months expires and I have a job, but still not a place to register?
Do they somehow block my BSN so my next earnings at my bank account are blocked too?

And did anyone had the situation to be in a flexible work that was not guaranteed that you could pay a monthly rent or not yet had all the savings for the rent contracts that ask for some months in advance? Could you solve it somehow? Are there any options I could apply to have more time to find something suitable before registering, or receiving a "help" to pay later with not so much more costs?

Hi - the non-resident BSN number is issued to people who work in Holland, but do not live there (i.e. do live in another country, typically cross-border workers); generally issued to allow your Dutch employer to deduct the taxes from your salary and claim any benefits/pension you may be entitled to from working there.  They are also issued to non-residents coming to work in Holland for a short period of time, so they can register/pay for health insurance.

If you live in Holland, you get a normal BSN; you use the address where you are living when you register, if you later move, then you just let the Gemeente know your new address.

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