I want to apply for KITAS in Bali, Indonesia


So this is the scenario. I am doing unpaid internship in Bali with social visa single entry, that needs to be extended for 5 months more required for my internship. But, now I am interested in KITAS visa with no work permit for 6 months. It would let me to apply for visa from embassies in this country, otherqise I need to go back to my own country, which is very daunting to me. Please guide me with this. I have a sponsoring company who will be interested to sponsor me KITAS for 6 months. My company is a very small company so, I am little worried on their response on extra fees for me. So, I would like to do things on my own. I asked some agents, they asked 1000 dollar saying that, I need to spend extra on Manpower bureau 1200 dollars for one year. This is very confusing. I really want it simple, I know the processing would be messy and lots of documents. But, I will be okay. What could be the actual fee? Anybody did by themselves?


A KITAS will cost about Rp 1 million, a work permit US$1,200.
I'm unsure of the rules for an unpaid internship as I have no experience of such things but someone else might well be able to help you.

Can you guide me with the process, like is there any online application. I do not want work permit. Just the temporary stay as my work is unpaid and it is training.


As I understand it, ALL work requires a work permit but I'm open to correction as I have never engaged in free work as such.
Your first call should be immigration to get their view as they are the people who matter.

You need an IMTA work permit for any employment including an unpaid internship. This is the responsibility of the employer.  A residential KITAS does not allow work or employment. The best solution is to visit immigrasi for assistance or pay the IMTA fees on behalf of your employer who is the only sponsor permitted under regulations.

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