ADHD medication


I seek a pharmacy that can provide amphetamine salts for ADHD treatment. This commonly goes by the name adderall.

I have consulted several area doctors and it is a controlled substance. However unlike US controlled substances, which you can't get any without a prescription, this one is apparently very hard to find. I was advised to seek it in any pharmacy here, or go to Thailand.

This medicine is not for partying or fun. This is a serious inquiry. If you'd like to engage this thread with a reasonable answer, please feel free to do so. If you are unaware of the benefits/reasons why one may take this medicine, I will be happy to explain.

it is I believe available but expensive. Go to De La Gare Pharmancie, in shops on corner of Monivong and Russie. They are very good and completely legit.

I have been there. No pharmacy that I have been to will touch it with a ten foot pole. I will go to Toyal Hospital and begin the paperwork to begin the approval process so that I may legally get it through them and my health insurance. It's going to be a long time, they say.

I stand corrected -- They have Ritalin but not Adderall.

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