Medicine availability?

Does anyone know if there's any way to check before I come over if pharmacies in PP carry a certain medication? I'm on a brand-name drug in the US that does not have a generic equivalent so I want to make sure PP would have it. Thanks!

U-Care pharmacy is the major name brand chain in Cambodia.  Google it to get the number/e-mail.  If they don’t have it, it’s likely unavailable.  There are many independent pharmacies throughout PP, but they tend to carry generics, and the quality varies (what the meds actually are, expiration, etc).  I asked about a substitute for a prescription drug that is not available here at an independent pharmacy.  The man handed me a box of syringes and Ketamine.  I was dumbfounded. “You want me to shoot Special K???”  Most of these places are pretty reliable, but you really have to be careful and read all package inserts.

Hi there there is a Chinese pharmacy chain, almost corner store like compared to ours in Canada but they carry most stuff.  They are called Ucare  and they have a good website giving locations and they carry USA brands.  Hope that helps.


I went to u care and they did not have any of the Rx I needed*. I had to see a Dr ($55.00) to get my USA Rx names converted to local names. I had to buy them at Pharmacie de Gare. They have most in stock. So buy your Rx in your country and stock up, before you get here.Ex: harnal, cardiosel, vasteril, etc

At what pharmacy did this happen. did it happen to be Angkor chey pharmacy by any chance on street 130 because i looked many pharmacies for ketamine and they were the only one and at a high price because he wanted to keep it a secret. The main pharmacy that i have been advised sells the most different things is pharmacie De La Gare and person there said the government has mandated ketamine can only be used in hospitals. This was jan 2016. It is possible i guess at your time that mandate was not in effect ?


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